Terms used by coffee tasters


The immediate attraction of the sense of smell; smell often determines an expected level of taste, although coffee has not touched the tongue.

  • floral

  • ashy

  • fruity

  • nutty

  • grassy


It is the way through which the tongue interprets the coffee flavor.

  • common

  • tasty

  • dry

  • sweet

  • winy


Describe that energy in your cup of coffee;
When favorable, it can be described as “brightness” and can be perceived as a pleasant sensation, spicy or pungent, on each side of the tongue. A small or low acidity, creates a lighter and delicate feeling.

  • low

  • low-medium

  • medium

  • medium-full

  • full


This is the sensation of coffee density in the mouth, like the difference between whole milk and skim milk. A sample with heavy body will be perceived as if it had more volume and texture, while a sample which is low in body will have the consistency of water.

  • low

  • low-medium

  • medium

  • medium-full

  • full


The taste emanating from the back of the palate and remaining after the coffee has been swallowed. The aftertaste is observed with the sense of smell and it can be long-lasting or short.

  • clean

  • short

  • delicate

  • syrupy

  • long-lasting

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