Gloria Jean’s Coffees began its commercial activity in a small coffee and gifts shop in Chicago USA, in 1979. Since then Gloria Jean’s has become a gourmet and specialty coffee company. In 1986, in order to meet the rising demand, Gloria Jean’s started franchising third parties. In the ’80s, Gloria Jean’s Coffees was sold to Deidrich Corporation. Deidrich Coffees Corporation has contributed much to Gloria Jean’s transformation into an international franchise. In February 2005 the strongest franchisee in Australia bought the brand. Today, Gloria Jean’s has become one of the leading processors and traders of coffee specialties. Gloria Jean’s buys only 2% of the best Arabica beans collected worldwide. The processes of roasting and flavoring are made in Australia with cutting edge technologies.

               In 2014 Retail Food Group, a big Australian company, holder and developer of franchise systems in the food industry, has acquired the intellectual property rights for Gloria Jean’s worldwide.

    Today, Gloria Jean’s cafes have over 1000 stores in Australia and other 39 countries worldwide.

    Gloria Jean’s is committed to providing a great coffee experience. To this end, we introduced the Romanian customer to a wide variety of gourmet coffee and tea varieties from around the world.

               Come and discover the coffee you never knew you would like so much. In our coffee-shops you make sure there is a comfortable atmosphere where you can enjoy your favorite coffee. Gloria Jean’s Coffees Collection is also available for those who want them at home.

    Your love for gourmet coffee and your exquisite taste will always make us try to be closer to you!

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