Preparing coffee

We recommend some basic rules to guide you correctly before experiencing the process of preparing coffee.

The pleasure of preparing coffee is a personal and sensual experience. There are different ways to prepare a delicious cup of coffee, but the secret to getting the perfect cup is to prepare it according to your taste. If the results did not meet your expectations, try again. Grind a bigger or a smaller quantity of coffee, use more or less water, purchase and estimate the varieties of coffee.

The art of preparing an exceptional cup of coffee.

  • Use only Arabica beans of the highest quality. Gloria Jean’s only uses Arabica beans carefully selected worldwide.
  • Use a clean coffee filter. Oily accumulations can make your coffee bitter, so your machine must be cleaned regularly.
  • Use freshly ground coffee. Whenever possible, buy Gloria Jean’s favorite coffee in small quantities.
  • Grind coffee before preparing it just like we do at Gloria Jean’s to ensure maximum freshness (ground coffee loses its flavor and strength).
  • Match your grinding process with your coffee preparation system. It is essential that the beans are properly ground in order to suit your filter.
  • In general, the more the water and the coffee are in contact during the preparation process, the more coarsely ground the coffee should be. For instance, for a French press coffee grinder, the coffee must be coarsely ground because the preparation time is 4 minutes. For an espresso, the boiling process takes only a few seconds, so you need finer coffee.
  • Always use fresh, cold water, brought to a boil. Filtered, bottled water is best. Don’t use distilled or softened water as this will affect the coffee aroma.
  • To reach the perfect water temperature, boil the water and then let it cool a few seconds. If you let it cool longer than a few seconds, the water won’t capture the flavor of the coffee beans. Cooked or reheated coffee will lose its flavor.
  • Use the correct coffee water ratio. We recommend using a spoon of ground coffee (10g) to 180 ml of water. Use the right amount of coffee to suit your taste.
  • Drink freshly brewed coffee. If you prepare more coffee than you can drink at that point, it is generally recommended to put the remaining coffee in a thermal pot. It can be left for one hour without changing its taste. The coffee is too weak and cold until that second cup of coffee is served. Filter coffee left on the hot plate becomes too bitter and tasteless. Never reheat cold coffee.
  • Appreciate the coffee for its taste. If it’s too strong or too weak, adjust the coffee grinder or the amount of water until you get the perfect cup of coffee, one that will satisfy you.
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